Burn Bay Leaves in the House and See What Happens After 10 Minutes!

The ancient Romans and Greeks believed bay leaves to be a sacred plant and used it for centuries due to its medicinal properties.

It symbolical meaning was glory and honor, so the winners of the Olympiad had a laurel wreath on their head. Therefore, this plant has been extremely important and appreciated in the past, and there are more reasons for it.

Namely, it has potent antioxidant, sedative, anti-rheumatic, bactericide, antiseptic, and diuretic properties. Moreover, the berries and leaves provide excellent results in the case of stomach flu, hysteria, and neurasthenia.

Its main active substances include cineol and pinene, and it also has soothing properties, due to the essential oils it contains.  Thus, we can state that it has powerful psychoactive effects and it positively affects mood.

This strong psychoactive action of laurel has been depicted in numerous legends and myths, such as the legend about the oracle at Delphi, where girls chewed bay leaves to predict the future.

Therefore, you should burn a bay leaf in an ashtray and get out of the room. After 10 minutes, go in again and you will feel the numerous fragrances that will relax your body and calm your mind.


7 Responses to Burn Bay Leaves in the House and See What Happens After 10 Minutes!

  1. Vere Ferris says:

    Useful information

  2. Tammy says:

    Where do you buy your supplies?

  3. Assad Mohammed says:

    Hi good morning I would like to know more about the bay leaf stuff thank you very much

  4. Melissa says:

    Great share

  5. Machelle Strutt says:

    I always like to find natures way of healing.

  6. Isabell says:

    Why the charcole if you burn the leaves before tossing them into the pot?

  7. Diane says:

    Great tips! Have you tried the essential oils in a diffuser?

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